Posted by: M. Barton | June 23, 2012

Rosetta Stones has moved on

If anyone’s looking for the old Rosetta Stones blog, I’ve moved on. I hadn’t updated it in several years, and my writing and photography have come a long away in the interim. Since my new blog has a different focus, I made all the old posts private.

You can find me now at Nature Odes, where I will be blogging primarily about the natural world around me (and only occasionally topical science news).

If you’re looking for the post about bees and ultraviolet flower photography that was, somewhat puzzlingly, my most popular post, I have reposted it at See Like A Bee: Ultraviolet Flower Photography.

If for some reason you really miss one of my old posts and would like me to repost it, as I have with the ultraviolet flower photography post, drop me a comment and I will strongly consider it.